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I am a software engineer in Los Angeles and a recent Ph.D. graduate in Applied Mathematics at UCLA, originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. I like to write, and am making regular writing a priority for myself in 2014. This blog won’t have a strong running theme, at least not right away, but will aim to cover all kinds of things that I care about: politics, LA life, interesting people I meet, or math- and science-related topics I think you (yes, you) should know about.

While at UCLA, I was a member of Joey Teran‘s research group in the Math department, and contributed to several papers in numerical methods for computational physics problems. My interests now lean toward data science and interesting machine learning techniques; I hope to return to research, in one form or another, in the next few years.

Presently, I’m enjoying Los Angeles and all the food, culture, sun, and vibrancy it offers…until life and work inevitably take me somewhere else. You can sometimes find me on a run or bike ride along Playa del Rey, playing tennis on the LMU courts, in the cheep seats at a Dodger game (but not this season until the SportsNet LA dispute is resolved), or driving a silver Camry along I-15 somewhere between here and Salt Lake. To inquire about consulting, request my CV, or for any other inquiries, please fill out the form below.


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